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Song for Maura – Paquito d’Rivera and Trio Corrente

Song for Maura

"My relationship with the Brazilians or “braziphilos” (there are many in the world) has continued and bloomed throughout, and one of the musical groups that most impressed me has been the marvelous Trio Corrente from São Paulo.

Before having heard their recordings, it was their manager Jacques Figueras –a Brazilized French national – who called me a few years ago to share the stage with them. I answered that I already had bad experiences with unknown musicians, and that is why I preferred to travel with my own group. Then my regular pianist, the young and talented Alex Brown heard me while we spoke, and when we hung up the phone, told me: "Paquito, lately my best reference in contemporary Brazilian music is Trio Corrente…, they are absolutely tremendous!" —as if reproaching me.

So I called Figueras back, and the results have been a series of international concerts, and the present CD, as my best homage to Brazil and at the same time, a love song to the memory of the beautiful Maura, my Mother."

Paquito D’Rivera

Song for Maura

Song for Maura
Paquito D’Rivera – Alto Sax/ Clarinet
Fabio Torres – Piano
Paulo Paulelli – Contrabass
Edu Ribeiro – Drums
Sunnyside Records/Paquito Records


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